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A Beginner’s Checklist to Hiring Cheap Van Rental Services in Singapore

Are you planning a trip? Is it for your family? For your company? Friends? Whoever you decide to travel with in Singapore, you may want to consider the services of a vehicle rental company. If you are travelling in groups, a van will suit your needs. However, choosing a cheap van rental service is not an easy task to accomplish. There are numerous factors you need to consider, which if you ignore them, can affect your experience.

Acquiring a van from a car rental company in Singapore offers more benefits than getting your vehicle. One advantage of this option is that you save more as you have fewer expenses, such as car maintenance. Additionally, you get to enjoy a new vehicle without worrying about the hassles of actually owning one.

After deciding that a van from a car leasing company in Singapore is your ideal choice, read this article to learn more about these six steps you should take to avoid issues with the vehicle or the service provider.

A Beginner’s Checklist to Hiring Cheap Van Rental Services in Singapore

Create a Plan

The first step in acquiring a van from a long or short term car rental company in Singapore is creating a plan. To begin, you can start with determining your goals. What is it that you want to achieve from your trip? Are you planning something like a marriage proposal? Is it a simple get-together with your family or friends? You should consider your objectives when making a plan.

Another thing you should consider before choosing a cheap van rental service is to start finalising details, such as group size, duration of your trip, and travel locations. You wouldn’t want to hire a van and realise that it lacks space. Additionally, never forget to work within your budget. No matter what your goals are, avoid overspending or worse, getting into debt just to achieve them. There are alternative methods to finishing your objectives without spending excessively.

Compare Services

Next on the list is to weigh your options. There are numerous cheap van rental services in Singapore. While it may seem overwhelming due to the number of choices available, there is a way to narrow down the list of companies you should consider. The following are some of the questions you need to answer if you want to eliminate services that don’t fit your needs:

  • How much is their rental price?
  • What vehicles are available for rent?
  • Do their vehicles have insurance?
  • Do they offer drivers?
  • Do they have add-ons available?

Knowing the answers to these questions is necessary if you want a worry-free trip across Singapore.

Double Check Terms & Conditions

Never skim through documents, such as the terms and conditions, when acquiring a van from a vehicle rental company. Remember that failing to adhere to the rules of your deal can result in extra fees. Additionally, it lets you know the breakdown of your rental agreement. Are there suspicious charges? Are they adding extras without your knowledge? Examine the necessary documents before signing them as they are for your safety.

Conduct a Vehicle Inspection


Before you begin your trip across Singapore, it is advisable to inspect the exterior and interior of your vehicle for signs of damage. Remember that there are cheap van rental services that provide defective transport so that they can charge their customers later. Additionally, check that the mileage is correct. Part of your rental agreement is a mileage limit. Therefore, going beyond it can incur additional fees.

Make Adjustments if Necessary

If you have no experience driving a van, you should consider spending time adjusting to what you got from your car rental company in Singapore. Practice moving through narrow gaps and other areas where you think you might face difficulties. Furthermore, you may want to learn how to properly park your van.

However, you can choose to hire a driver from a cheap van rental service. Doing so removes your worries about damaging the vehicle. Having said that, you may want to check the background of your driver before hiring them. Inspect customer reviews to ensure that you get someone with the skills and experience to provide you with a memory-filled trip.

Adhere to the Terms & Conditions

Lastly, remember to follow the agreement between you and the vehicle rental company. Avoid damaging the van. Stick to the mileage limit. When returning the vehicle, ensure that the fuel tank isn’t empty. Generally speaking, the amount of fuel it should have after using it should be more or less the same before the trip.



Taking a trip across Singapore is a fun way to spend time with your family, friends, or coworkers. However, research is necessary to avoid issues before, during, and after travelling. Therefore, you should consider these six steps before hiring a vehicle rental company.

First, remember to start with a concrete plan. Determine your list of objectives. What do you want to accomplish from this trip? Finalise details like the number of people going with you, the duration of your travel, and your destination. Never forget that your plan must fit within your budget.

Next, you should check your available options. Is the price of the car rental company reasonable and fits your budget? Do they offer the van you need? Do their vehicles have insurance?

After that, you should double-check the necessary documents before signing the contract. Are there suspicious fees?

Next, inspect your vehicle before beginning your trip. After you prepare to drive the van, see if there are damages to its interior and exterior. Check that its mileage counter is correctly set.

Lastly, ensure that you strictly follow the agreement between you and the vehicle rental company.

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