Friday, June 21

What’s The Difference Between A Food Truck And Food Trailer?

Mobile food services sell delicious cuisines ranging from pasta to tacos to kebabs. The food available on food trailers and trucks is affordable. They are not just popular among food fans but even the best business option. If you are interested in starting mobile food services then you will need to understand the difference between food trucks and food trailers. Visually you can set them apart, but there are some practical differences. 

Unit type and size

The major difference between food trailers and food truck is the unit type and size. The compartment is sized differently. On average the kitchen in a food truck is 7 ft. wide, while in a food trailer it can be up to 8.5 ft. wider. 

In terms of length, food trucks range from 10 ft. to 26 ft. long. On the other hand, food trailers range from 8 ft. to 53 ft. in length. The knowledge about its size is crucial because you will need to choose the kind of transport for safely shipping a food truck across the United States

Ship a Car, Inc. has been transporting custom-built food trucks from manufacturers in another state. Even buyers who find a suitable pre-owned food trailer online and buy it approach the professionals to deliver it safely to your doorstep.

In terms of size, food truck has an advantage because they can fit any parking venue in comparison. Nevertheless, food trailer size is also beneficial as it can carry plenty of things like appliances and offers the cook a small separate space to work on their own.

Storage space

A large area allows more storage. Food trailers have extra room for ovens, grills, cooking utensils, ingredients, and cleaners in comparison. Keeping large food trailers clean and sanitized is easy because you get more room to store the cleaning supplies. You can adhere to regulatory code, which ensures your business will thrive. Small kitchen space means less to clean and few appliances or equipment to maintain. 


Food trailers cost low than food trucks, even if they have the advantage of being large. It is because food trailers need to be towed with a capable vehicle. You will need to invest in a towing vehicle or rent one besides purchasing the trailer. 

If you aim to remain stationary then food truck cost seems more. Besides, it does not support the meaning of the mobile food business. In case you move across various locations then invest in a food truck instead of a food trailer.

When you are considering the food trailers and trucks’ upfront cost there is another financial side to mull over and that is ‘depreciation’. In general, the food truck value is retained at a high rate per year when compared to food trailers. It means the resale value of a food truck is better even after a few years.


Food trucks look nice and professional because they include rooftop signboards that make the truck look tall and sleek as it hides the rooftop AC unit partially. There is a display box to show the menu. 


Food trailers have space but need more paperwork as you will require two vehicles parking at any venue instead of one. 

What to choose – a food truck or trailer will depend on the type of mobile food business you desire to start!

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