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Tips for Water Pump Maintenance

The water pump is one of the important components of the truck engine cooling system, and its biggest role is to transmit the coolant through the water pump and let the cooling enter the water channel where the engine is reflected. In the cyclical activities to achieve the exchange of coolant, through the way of circulation, the truck engine during the operation of a large amount of heat energy absorption, thereby reducing the temperature of the entire operating system of the truck engine, to achieve the normal operation of the engine.

For this machine to work properly, some maintenance is required regularly. If not maintained well, it may lead to a decrease in water pump efficiency. Water pump maintenance does not take a great deal of work, you can follow the advice below to maintain the water pump on a daily basis.

Keep Water Pump Body Dry

The direct consequence of most water pump damage is coolant leakage, and the most direct way to find coolant leakage is to observe whether the pump body is dry, if you see water droplets or water flowing out around the pump body, there is a leak. Slight leakage will only leave coolant-colored traces in the exhaust port of the pump, if the leakage is too much, the water in the tank can not reach the circulation state, the heat of the engine will continue to rise, and it will also lead to engine damage.

Therefore, truckers must develop the habit of inspecting the truck before driving, checking whether the water pump is dry, and if there is water leakage, it should be repaired in time. At the same time, if the pump is deactivated for a long time, it is necessary to disassemble the pump, wipe off the water, and apply the rotating part and the joint with grease to properly preserve.


Lubrication is an indispensable part of the daily maintenance of truck equipment and is also crucial in the maintenance of water pumps.

Commonly used lubrication methods are: manual refueling, drip lubrication, oil rope and oil pad lubrication, oil ring or oil chain lubrication, oil bath or splash lubrication and forced lubrication.

1. Manual refueling

lubrication by the operator regularly with an oil pot or gun to the oil hole, oil cup refueling.

2. Drip lubrication

using oil under the action of gravity through the oil dripping device on a controllable hole, every certain time to the lubrication part dripping oil lubrication.

3. Oil rope and oil pad lubrication

One end of the rope and pad is immersed in the oil pool, and the other end is in direct contact with the moving surface in the friction pair, and the capillary action is used to make the oil enter the friction pair for lubrication.

4. Oil ring or oil chain lubrication

This lubrication is to put the oil ring or oil chain on the journal, so that the lower part is immersed in the oil pool, when the shaft rotates, by friction to drive the oil ring rotation, so as to bring the oil into the bearing for lubrication.

5. Oil bath or splash lubrication

The lubrication method of immersing the friction surface in the lubricating oil pool is called oil bath lubrication. The lubrication method that spills the lubricating oil in the oil pool to the friction surface by rotating moving parts immersed in the oil pool or the oil dump plate attached to the shaft is called splash lubrication. The most typical equipment with oil baths and splash lubrication is a closed gearbox.

6. Forced lubrication

The oil wedge or oil film is forced to form on the friction surface by the external pressure oil, such as the use of lubricating oil pumps and so on.

Only reasonable and perfect lubrication can control friction, reduce wear, reduce the energy consumed in the transmission mechanism, and extend the life of the water pump.

Regular Inspection

The service life of the water pump does not have real-time. But the wrong operation is likely to make the water pump be damaged after two or three years. If the regular maintenance does well, it is not a problem to use it for more than ten years.

For the water pump, we can regularly check whether the refrigeration liquid is leaking, and whether the internal rolling bearing is damaged, whether the centrifugal impeller is loose. For example, we can check ball bearings and replace them if the inner and outer sleeves are worn, flickering, ball wear or if there are spots on the surface. Bearings that can still be used are cleaned with gasoline or kerosene and then buttered for preservation. And if any components are found to be problematic, they should be repaired in time to avoid causing greater damage.

Apply Anti-corrosion Elements

Most of the pump material is cast iron, a kind of iron with high carbon content, because its surface has a layer of anti-oxidation layer of iron oxide, so it is less likely to rust. However, under long-term use, it is still inevitable to produce some rust, not to mention that the pump works in a moist environment.

When the pump rusts, first check the corrosion situation, remove the oxide layer, and increase the roughness of the repair surface and the adhesion of the repair material. Then remove the surface grease and debris with absolute ethanol and let it dry and adjust the carbon nanopolymer material in strict accordance with the proportion, the material will be evenly smeared on the repair surface. After the coating is completed, repeatedly scrape, so that the surface is more encrypted and flat, after ensuring that the repair surface is free of defects, the material can be used as a topcoat coating to scrape to the repair surface to improve the flatness and finish of the repaired surface. Finally, the material is heated and cured, and after curing, the impeller and other components can be installed and can be started, and operated.


In addition to the above maintenance methods, truckers should also pay attention to not using the pump excessively continuously, and pay attention to the discharge of heat, to ensure that the pump is in a good state of ventilation. Maintaining a water pump is not a difficult task. However, you need to do these things regularly and always keep them in the correct state. If the pump is properly maintained, it will certainly last a long time.

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