Thursday, July 25

How Do You Select an Air Compressor? Here Are 5 Tips

Having the best air compressor model in Singapore that can match the demands of a contractor, technician, automobile specialist, or even a professional is a must. Whether you need it for personal means or work purposes, here’s how to select a compressor for your needs.

1. Examine the specifications

Before picking up an air compressor for sale in Singapore, you must remember that air tools have specific requirements. A compressor that is too small for the task at hand will significantly impact productivity. Make sure you determine your type of work first.

2. Choose the type

When choosing yours, decide if you will invest in a piston-type or a portable air compressor in Singapore. Motors that drive piston-type build up air pressure as they run low. On the other hand, a portable device produces less noise and gives you instant access since it is compact. Air compressors for portable use are available in various designs and sizes.

3. Know the horsepower

The horsepower rating of a compressor’s motor is standard across the industry. When buying an air compressor in Singapore, you can utilise a horsepower rate of 1.5 to 6.5 HP, while larger models reach 15 HP. It’s best to determine the application or job that will require a compressor.

4. Choose a tank size

Depending on the tank capacity of your air compressor, you can do a wide range of tasks. A bigger tank is the best choice for tools that demand a constant air supply. In this case, consider investing in a high-quality and silent air compressor in Singapore to ensure you maintain a stable workflow.

5. Determine the CFM

An air compressor requires a particular amount of air to function. CFPM (cubic feet per minute) measures the compressor output (CFM). At 90 PSI, the pressure needed to run most tools is the most critical CFM rating for a portable air compressor.

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