Thursday, July 25

Choosing the right replacement tyre for your quad bikes

For off-road enthusiasts, Australia has a lot to offer, and exploring the outskirts of the country is always an exciting venture. The quad bike makes off-road travel a dream, and in Australia, there is always more to see across various terrains. However, quad bikes are meant for that not-your-casual drive-through, and riding on rough terrain can wear out your tyres faster than normal car tyres.

When you realise your clothes are worn out, you rush to get new ones. You should do the same with your ATV tyres. Your safety and comfort closely depend on the quality of your tyres as they affect handling and grip. Considering that tyres are the only part of the quad bike that touches the ground, you must purchase the appropriate tyres when you decide to replace them. Choosing the right tyres can make your next ride safer than ever. In addition to improving safety features, the correct fit makes your vehicle faster and more durable. When choosing the right tyres for your quad bike, here are some things to consider.

Quad bikes come in a variety of shapes and weights. The shape and weight of your vehicle is the go-to factor in determining the type of tyre to use. Another is the tyre’s tread pattern, which affects the tyre grip. Different tread patterns are used in tyres to suit specific ground conditions. Tyre diameter and rim size also affect the overall performance of your quad bike. An experienced rider understands their ride well, but not every rider knows the various distinctive factors of quad bike tyres. This is when you need a tyre specialist to help you get the right fit, and with Oceanic Direct, it becomes so easy and hassle-free for any rider looking to replace their quad bike tyres.

If the world of quad bike tyres is confusing for you, it is not your fault. On top of that, a handful of quad bike tyre manufacturers in Australia make it even harder to settle with a set that has all you need for a safer and comfortable ride and improved performance. You’ll often hear manufacturers claiming their product is the best in the industry. Many even offer attractive discounts to lure you in. If you want to avoid falling into such honey traps, buy Quad Bikes tyres from a reputable company that knows the market inside-out and has years of experience selling tyres in Australia.

At ¬†Oceanic Direct, you can find high-quality ATV/ quad bike tyres sourced from leading tyre manufacturers in Australia. They source different bike tyres from Bridgestone, Maxxis, Triangle, and Michelin. Experts at Oceanic Direct have helped many Australians pick the right fit based on the vehicle’s size, tyre’s tread pattern, wheel diameter, and rim size. Be the next happy customer from Oceanic Direct – find the right replacement for your quad bike tyre at Oceanic Direct.

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