Tuesday, May 28

5 Things You Should Inspect On Your Rental Car In Singapore

The thing with a daily car rental is different people use the same car. Unlike with a personal vehicle which you have a specific way of taking care of, different drivers who have used the car may not be as clean or cautious as you when driving the vehicle. It is why before driving the rental car in Singapore away, they must inspect it first.

Here are the things drivers must check on their rental cars:

1. Routine maintenance policy

Car rental companies typically do routine vehicle maintenance. You can ask the company for a maintenance policy before you rent a car. Avoid a car rental company that is reluctant to give the maintenance policy and only provides a verbal guarantee.

2. The exterior and interior of the vehicle

Inspect the vehicle’s exterior for damage, such as dents and scratches, and inform your car dealer or take images of it. Otherwise, the daily car rental company may charge the damages. Avoid vehicles with a bunch of damage.

3. Check the fuel

Check the vehicle if it uses diesel or petrol. You can also ask your long term car rental company in Singapore. Filling the vehicle with the wrong fuel may damage the car. Damages are charged to car tenants; inspect the fuel before going to a fuel station.

4. Check the dashboard

Always take a look at the dashboard. Guarantee that all the metrics work properly, and the icons illuminate correctly. If there are problems with the dashboard, avoid the vehicle and rent a different car.

5. Drive the car

It is critical to test drive the vehicle. Guarantee all the lights, from headlights to signal lights work properly. Check the brake and familiarise yourself with the car. Test driving is necessary, especially if you rent a bigger vehicle but are used to driving a smaller one.

You can drive safely and comfortably with your rental car in Singapore if you check on these things.

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