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Why Auto Repair Shops are Not Called Collision Repair Shops?

In the industry of automobiles, a large share goes to the repair and maintenance of vehicles. This is a part in which not only authorized dealerships participate, but even the small business holders play a vital role.

However, the industry of automotive repair and maintenance is again bifurcated into two. One deals with the mechanical parts of the vehicle, and the other focuses on the physical aspects. Here we are going to talk about the latter, which are known as auto Body Shops or Collision Repair Shops. Till here, we guess, there could arise no doubt, but, when we say, only the auto body shops are known as collision repair shops, many of us can have questions in mind. As we can also guess the doubts that usually arise in the minds of the car users, we have already gathered the information and explanations from the experts, who are professionals in this field and run the Hayden Lake collision repair unit. So, here goes the explanations we have gathered from them.

Relation Between Collision and Auto Body

To start with, let us talk about the experiences each of us has regarding collisions or accidents where one or more vehicles were involved. We all must have seen such vehicles on the roadsides, the looks of which bluntly say, they have been trapped in a gruesome accident or collision. This happens, since the body parts of a car get invariably damaged, when it experiences a collision, either with another vehicle, a solid embankment, or any object.

We either see a broken or chipped off windshield glass, we see horrible dents and in worst cases, we see a dismantled car body, smashed beyond repair.

But here comes the role of the auto body shops that address all these issues, and help the car regain its original physical structure, look, and functionality. Sometimes, cars that appear to be damaged beyond repair in a collision also get back their original shape, depending upon the skill set of the mechanics in the auto body shop it is taken.

Why Auto Repair Shops Are Not Identified as Collision Repair Shops?

It is quite evident, that in a collision, where a car body gets seriously damaged, it also undergoes several mechanical damages. After a car regains its normal physical condition and functionality, it surely needs to get a thorough checkup done at an auto repair center, where they will investigate each of its mechanical parts. Still, an auto repair shop is not called a collision repair shop. It is so because, unless the physical condition of a car is not revived by the auto body shop after the said car meets with an accident or collision, the auto repair shops cannot start working on it.

As rightly explained by the team of mechanics at the center of collision repair near Hayden Lake, it is only after the auto body shops address the physical damages caused to a car through a collision, that the auto repair shops can function. Hence, the industry names auto body shops as collision repair shops, and not the same for the auto repair centers.

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